Aerial Yoga

Take your practice to new heights with Unnata Aerial Yoga. This style of class uses a fabric hammock to assist and enhance yoga postures. The aerial sling helps you understand inversion alignment and engagement with extra support you are unable to find from your mat. Limited space is available. Pre-registration is required.


Here's the deal...

  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before class.

  • Reserving your silk for class online is not required, but is strongly encouraged. This way you just roll in, say hi, and strut straight into the yoga room.

  • If you're gearing up for your first visit to our space, all the new student things can be done online. Yay for efficiency! Give yourself enough time (aka more than the previously mentioned 10 minutes) to arrive, connect with us, and get settled into the studio. 

  • Our yoga room is gently heated— always about 75 degrees in there. Don't worry you'll still work up a sweat. 

  • Mats and towels are complimentary.



Aerial Yoga Classes: $18 per class (or purchase a membership to save moolah)



We will offer 10% off all packages for a family discount.


Zen Planner FAQs

  • "I can't find the initial email with my user name and password." No problem! Contact us and we can send you a password reset email with the information to reset your account.

  • "I want to register for an aerial class, but it won't let me in the Zen Planner app." If you have not yet purchased an aerial yoga package, you can only reserve via the website. If problems persist, you can always contact us to reserve a class for you.

  • "I'm having trouble reserving classes via the website." We've found some browsers work better than others to reserve and view our schedule (Chrome is recommended by our techie friends at Zen Planner). You may also need to double check your security preferences.

  • "When I purchase a membership, is it valid for the calendar month, or a 30-day period?" Our memberships are based on a 30-day period. If you sign up for your membership on the 10th of the month, you have until the 10th of the following month to use your sessions.

  • "Can I still pay in cash or check?" Of course! You can add credit card to your account, or we're happy to accept cash or check.

Cancellation Policy:

If you are signed up for a class, you've got until 2 hours before the time of class to remove yourself from the list and still have the class credit on your account. If you late cancel out of the class after that 2 hour window, or if you just don't show up at all, you lose the class credit and it will not be refunded.