Hello and welcome to my studio! I have been practicing yoga for over 4 years, becoming certified in 2015. For me, yoga is about the inner changes and awareness. My practice is a time to put everything else on hold and connect to my inner being. The heightened awareness I experience is what continues to draw me to my mat and to teaching. My passion is to share the positive effects yoga has had on my life in hopes of helping others feel and accomplish the same.



I started practicing yoga at the local gym about 14 years ago. After a tough life transition in 2013, I decided to focus on and deepen my practice. Yoga allows me the time and space to give back to my body and build strength mentally, emotionally, and physically. After getting a taste of leading yoga practice while subbing for another instructor, I pursued and received my Yoga Teacher Certification in July 2016. I am inspired to share the empowering benefits of yoga to all students regardless of shape, size, or level of ability.To improve flexibility and acceptance both physically and mentally, on and off the mat.




After 11 years of teaching elementary students, my life and career made a huge shift in 2012. With three kids in just four years, I chose to become a stay-at-home-mom. It wasn't long before I turned to some local fitness classes seeking interaction {and sanity!} I soon realized how powerful, energizing, and fulfilling sweating it out with others could be! I loved the low-impact yet high-intensity workout that Barre classes gave me. The transition from elementary teaching to fitness instructor was a natural fit! 

Through five years of teaching various group exercise, I have created my own flavor of Barre by fusing ballet inspired movements, mat pilates, and plyometric functional exercises. We take things more on the fitness side rather than dance, including interval training, a balance of cardio & strength building, and total body sculpting. I'm always cooking up something new and love to keep your workout fresh, challenging to all levels, and empower your whole self by building strength from within! Come embrace the shake with us!



You may have seen me in class, at an event, or recognize my name from an email (or two), as I have been working with Lindsey and the Fire Within team for the past year and half. While I'm not new to our studio, I am new to yoga instruction. After practicing yoga on and off for the past 15 years or so, I decided to expand my practice and take part in a 200 hour RYT summer immersion course.

Yoga has had a profound impact on my family and I, and I'm thrilled to bring it to our community twice a week. I love the peace and strength I find on my mat and enjoy the "power of pause" meditation and yoga brings to my daily life. I truly believe yoga is beneficial for every body type and the mind-body connection is an extraordinary energy source to harness.


Christine Stoeber

I started taking yoga classes in 2002 as a way to cross-train for triathlons. By the time I had my first child in 2007, I decided I needed yoga more than ever. I had pain in my body that was only relieved when I practiced yoga. Finally in 2015, I made the transition from a full-time corporate career to a yoga instructor. I completed my 200 Yoga Teacher Training from CorePower in 2015 and my group fitness certification in 2016. I am excited to recently complete 1000 hours of yoga instruction. I have been a certified downhill ski instructor for over 15 years and it reflects in my teaching style. My key objectives are: 1. Safety - If you get hurt, you're most likely not coming back. 2. Have Fun - If you're not having fun, why would you come back? and 3. Education - You're never too old to learn something new.

I attended the Inner Spark Retreat. It was refreshing and relaxing. A lot of good information for overall health. Very friendly and open to suggestions.
— Tess B.