Deets on our Class Styles

Yoga is for Every Body, regardless of your shape, size, or flexibility. It is our intention to host classes that can fit every yogi style—from beginners to seasoned practitioners. Whether you prefer a more meditative practice, or an upbeat calorie burner, we have a class for you.




Push your fitness goals while sculpting, slimming and stretching your body. We offer a flavor of Barre infused with ballet, mat pilates, and plyometric functional exercises. Focusing more on the fitness side rather than dance, our classes include interval training, a balance of cardio & strength building, and total body sculpting. Sarah is always cooking up something new to keep your workout fresh, while offering challenges to all levels. Empower your whole self by building strength from within. Come embrace the shake with us!


Mindful Movement

Flowing movements for beginners and advanced yogi’s, this class helps you focus on linking each posture to your breath. Get to know basic poses and terminology while challenging your mind and body.


Power Vinyasa Yoga

Intended to build your fire, this class is suggested for an intermediate yogi. It concentrates on proper posture and flow through yoga sequences at a faster rate, with plenty of repetitions, pulsing, and core work. You will sweat your stress away by connecting breathing to steady movements in this high-energy class.

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Consciously integrating breath and movement, Vinyasa Yoga is aimed at seasoned beginners looking to expand their practice. These classes explore complex movements and postures at a moderate pace. Inversions, arm balancing, twists, and deeper bends are incorporated at your own pace. Of course, accommodations are always available.


Yoga Sculpt

Yoga sculpt is a total body workout for all fitness levels, with a strong focus on strength and intensity. Sculpt practice combines cardio and weights, making it unlike your typical yoga classes and more like a workout class. Classes are set to energizing music and designed to tone and sculpt every major muscle group by combining plyometrics and Vinyasa-style yoga flow.

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Aerial Tone

Target your abs, arms, booty and everything in between with this specialized 45-minute, high energy aerial class. Using the silks and your body strength (along with some pulsing and reps), we push your body to the brink and enjoy the unique benefits of the aerial silks. Limited silks available, make sure to preregister! No aerial experience required.

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Aerial Stretch

Relax your body, and let the silk do the work. Aerial Stretch is for yogis looking for the extra benefit of using our silks to stretch and relax your body. We  use the silks as a prop to sink deeper into postures. Your body will thank you. *No aerial experience necessary.*

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Junior Aerial Yoga

Kids are literally growing overnight! Join Lindsey for a Junior Aerial Yoga class, perfect for younger bodies that are changing quickly. This mindfulness- focused, upbeat course will provide an intro to the aerial silks and incorporate them into a yoga class. Space is limited.

Children ages 7-11